From a woman to a man: Confession of Secret Love

If the walls of my bedroom could speak, they would be able to tell you what I confess each night when I settle in my bed, alone, to sleep. Like most people, as I relax and snuggle deep under the covers, I reflect on my day, but no matter what has occurred during the last 24 hours in my life, it is not what happened, but who it happened with that colors my thoughts and drives the images that make me smile.

I have the rarest of pleasures in working with you every day. You are more than a fair and patient co-worker, but also a kind and generous friend; your greatest gift is your time and you have been liberal with that each time I have needed your assistance with work-related matters or your emotional support in personal issues. You’re my rock.

It should come as no surprise, then, that my feelings for you have blossomed over the years and flourished recently since I learned that your previous relationship had ended. But I respect you too much to have pounced too quickly. It’s been a year and I have decided to mark that date by letting you in on my secret. It’s you that graces the close of my days as I lie in my bed and drift off to my dreams. You.

I have kept these sentiments to myself and even now as I write this letter to you, I am frightened that these words may not be what you want to read. I revel in the attention you pay to me, and yet I do not know if my feelings for you are mutual. I will never know unless I speak of my deep fondness for you. You, and only you, can make my nocturnal dreams my daylight reality. I can only hope you hold me in your heart as I keep you in mine.

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