Love of a man

Years have passed since we met; only memories to cherish pains are left.

We walked hands-in-hands never to be parted, I am still there you have departed.

Those gleeful days and restless whimpers, love of heaven and occasional jitters.

The love we shared, your momentarily anger and than those smiles of millions,

Alike Rose and Fragrance like milk and vermillion.

There were stars on my ways and the sky used to envy me, Love is a matter to envy.

Loving you till the last breath was the fuel which kept me burning throughout.

Talking about the moonlights and chirping like love birds; the ages came and went by.

Cuddling soothingly like two lovelorn couples I jingled in the love of your carol.

The atmosphere still prevails occasionally, though I barely find anyone.

Love for you is not lost…..It has just reached to another level!!!


What is Love – She Said

Meaning of “What is love” is something beyond words

God created this world because he had a passion for the creation. Earlier this four alphabet word had a deeper meaning as compared to it is today. If this question is asked to any anonymous person “what is love,” he would rather answer – it is an attraction, or may define love at first sight. Sadly, the meaning of love is lost in today’s world. It is never as you would look at a person, and at the first instant, all your emotions, and compassion flows out of your heart, and that is feeling of love. Exact definition of this type of love is attraction. You feel attracted at first sight, and this cannot be defined as love. Love is not limited to a man and woman. It has much higher range; a love can exist between a child and mother, a father and son, two sisters, and in many other relationships.

Today’s a common phenomenon is getting attracted at first sight and calling it love. Nowadays, the real sense of “what is love” is lost and just few people know its meaning. The male species of human are called as polygamous. As they have more than one partners at one time. This causes many hardships with the spouse who is emotionally attached to that person. A wife with loyal husband may betray him by having an affair with the other person. Alternatively, any person is sleeping with other person’s wife, this not only causes frustration but also faith is broken, and ego is hurt.

By looking deep, to clarify the meaning of “what is love” we cannot specify it with a set of words. Love is something divine, you cannot express love, and it can only be felt. If someone is in love, he becomes the most careful person in the world. Though he is remarkably explicit in his behavior, he wants to show his feelings, but he cannot, he collects all courage to open up before the person he loves and expresses himself; he wants to commit no mistakes and thinks a lot before proposing. This is what differentiates between true love and virtual love. Attraction to the opposite sex at first sight is not the real essence of “what is love”; rather it is more appropriately defined as lust.

When a person is in love, his usual behavior and emotions are triggered. Love can transform a human soul in one night; it is all due to the biological changes of hormones in his body. He may be engrossed with the definitions of “what is love”! He may have thousands of unspoken words and unexpressed feelings. On the other hand if he is introduced with considerable distance from his love, heartbreak occurs. This is the most disgust feel a person experiences in his life. He wants to forget, but he cannot, for him “what is love” becomes the worst feeling as that can eventually make him into a bad person.

What is love” with a single definition can be described as a union. If you are a religious person and renounced the world, you belong to an atheist group or an elite system that does not love, as you are separating yourself from others. Love has never defined “me” and “you”, it has never defined “only”. Two kings “duality” and his brother “separation” rule this world. If they are asked, “what is love,” answer would be “there is no love”.

The most ironic thing prevailing today is, everyone is facing the above situation, but no one is listening to it. This distinction is further highlighted because, people today are not willing to accept love, they have learned to inherit hatred and division, they always discuss “no love,” and not “we love.” Love never defined only two people, it has much wider angle, it defines all the people on this earth to be united!

What is Love – He Said

Since the time of ancient civilizations, the question of love has tortured philosophers and great thinkers. Among all the other feelings they were able to describe they failed to provide a solid and accurate definition for the most intense one. What is love? It is certainly not an easy question to answer. We all felt it at least once or a couple of times. We all told someone that we love them. But have you ever wondered or tried to define term of love. It is probably as much possible to define love as catch the air we breathe inside the cage.

Love – The strongest feeling

Love is the butterflies you feel in your stomach just before the date with a girl you have been with for more than five years already. Love is having your eyes fixed at someone and for the moment not being able to look the other direction. It is the strongest feeling known to humankind. It makes us laugh, cry, envy and all the other stages and feelings known to one who has ever loved.

Love can be described as a drive emotion. Love is capable to drive all the other emotions in and out of our mind. People sometimes try to control it to find out soon enough, how terrible mistake they have made. Trying to run away from love is like trying to run away from yourself. All you can do is to sit back and enjoy or suffer the scenario love brings to you – we don’t really choose when and how we will feel. One good thing about being alive is probably inability to control emotions. More than any other emotion, love knows no bounds. Love gets over all the prejudices. Once in love, one doesn’t think about color of skin, religion, nationality or political orientation.

Love is a mutual emotion. It is usually mistaken with the obsession while it totally differs from this one. Love is characterized with deep and intense splice of emotions with clearly emphasized care and strong feeling for overall good of beloved one. Once the love becomes too passionate and passion goes wild, another form of love appears. This one is called obsession. It is based on strong realistic expectations of reciprocated feelings. Any feedback given to the person in such stage will result in euphoria and untamed feeling of love, which inevitably ends in disaster and despair.

If we compare love to other feelings we will quickly realize that love is the strongest one we can feel. The motivation we feel when thinking of beloved ones can’t be found in any other feeling. Fear which is considered the most manipulative feeling is easily overcome when it encounters feeling of love.

Love implies absolute and unconditional dedication. As much as it is the engine for all the positive energy we can feel, love can easily drive individual with the negative energy. Why do you think all the celebrities have half a dozen body guards at any public appearance? The answer is – because fans love them and love doesn’t always imply positive feelings. It can easily drive one’s mind to suicidal and destructive thoughts.

Love is the art that makes us small people more magnificent simply by creating sense of life. It creates horizons of freedom and keeps our spirit awake. Do you still ask yourself what is love? Love is around us, beneath, and above, it is the sweetest and the bitterest emotion we can taste.